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Wakeboard teleportation: delivering extreme fun to your holiday destination

Wakeboard delivery in Russia and CIS countries with our innovative service will make your journey easier and more comfortable. This oversized luggage creates a lot of problems at the airport. Get rid of them early and leave them to the experts.

If you want to spend your holidays on a warm beach, don’t forget to take your favourite wakeboard with you or buy one. Sporty water fun board will not let you get bored at sea. At the same time you lose a couple of pounds and improve your physical shape. And take selfies with the rest will be really interesting.

Wakeboard — securely attaches to bare feet and does not require additional shoes. With this equipment you can not just follow the boat, but also perform unthinkable pirouettes in the air. All the girls on the beach will be yours!

Technically, this sport art resembles land skating. If you have already mastered the board on the wheels, cope with a wakeboard will be easy. Even if this is your first time on it, you are guaranteed success. Instructors following the athletes on the beach will help you get the hang of it. Transporting your equipment is a job for the Skyshifts.

Modern wakeboarding comes in two versions. Besides the power of a motorboat, the propulsion force can be provided by the ropes of special installations. They are equipped on the hot sands of the best resorts in the CIS. Well, the speed and accuracy of delivery to your place of rest we will provide.

Optimal Shipping Solution: Wakeboard Delivery in Russia and CIS

Russia is worthy of innovation when it comes to its citizens’ holidays. With the Skyshifts app, you can place your order for delivery quickly and easily. The intuitive interface won’t take up much of your energy. Save them for artistic dips on the azure waters of the warm sea. We’ll take care of all your shipping needs.

Wherever you are shipping from in Moscow or elsewhere in the Russian Federation, we will arrange delivery promptly. Every item will be carefully packed so that not a single scratch will disturb your joy of relaxation. The transport brand Skyshifts knows no equal in this matter.

The price for the literal instant teleportation of wakeboarding equipment through us is quite affordable. Far more modest than the cost of an extra piece of luggage on an aeroplane. Use the form on this page and you will get an instant quote. Keep your hands free for comfortable luggage — and leave the rest to us.

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    In order to download our application,
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