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    When transporting 3 or 5 pieces of sports equipment, you will get a 20% discount

    When transporting 6 or more pieces, you get a 30% discount




    If you order transport of sports equipment, other luggage will cost $6,58.

    About the service

    Golf is a fascinating and popular sport worldwide. It can be played not only in Europe and the USA. Summer season lasts from April to October. Not far from Moscow, there are several golf courses, but there are also golf courses in other regions.

    Holiday is coming up and you are wondering how to transport your sports equipment? You can either do it yourself by checking the airline’s shipping details, or opt for SkyShift’s to take your equipment with you.

    Independent travel by plane with sports equipment

    Golf clubs are sports equipment and therefore not standard baggage. This is why each airline has special baggage allowance, i.e., a maximum weight and size limit. Before you travel, find out about their details and decide whether you are entitled to a flat fee or a free baggage allowance. Before buying a plane ticket, you can clarify these details with the airline as well as negotiate the non-standard baggage allowance.

    Most airlines do not allow you to carry your golf club in your hand luggage. The set must be packed carefully and delivered in the luggage compartment. If you are worried about the safety of your equipment, you can hand it in to the oversized cargo section.

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