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    FAMILY plan

    When transporting 3 or 5 pieces of sports equipment, you will get a 20% discount

    When transporting 6 or more pieces, you get a 30% discount




    If you order transport of sports equipment, other luggage will cost 400 roubles.

    About the service

    Forgotten items — extra trouble

    There is a solution — SkyShift’s delivery service

    Everyone prepares for travel differently: Some people take a week put on the list, while others pack a suitcase in just a couple of hours. But in both cases, something can be left behind. The situation is quite troublesome and unpleasant.

    The top ten forgotten items:

    • shoes;
    • charger;
    • documents;
    • money;
    • camera;
    • glasses;
    • warm clothes;
    • medicines;
    • personal hygiene products;
    • sunscreen.

    While the last two items are less of a problem and can be purchased at the airport or in local shops, the others are more difficult to find. It is a real challenge to find comfortable shoes or clothes of a certain size. And without some medication, you can’t cope at all.

    Or vice versa, travellers returning from holiday often leave their belongings in hotels and hotels. As a rule, forgotten items are usually forgotten forever.

    But don’t despair — SkyShift’s is here to help.

    SkyShift’s staff will deliver your forgotten property safe and sound wherever you are in the world.



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