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Surfboard shipping to Mexico

Surfboard shipping to Mexico is an opportunity to enjoy your holiday without wasting time shipping your luggage. Mexico is by the ocean; it is warm and has great waves. You can buy a plane ticket and go straight to the coast upon arrival. The board will be brought to the hotel, where the tourist has a room booked. Surf transportation services are offered by SkyShift’s.

What’s the advantage of shipping?

What’s the advantage of shipping?

  • You can travel without luggage and with a minimum of belongings. This makes the trip easy and enjoyable.

  • You don’t have to waste time waiting for your luggage or worrying about the safety of your board.

  • The cost of shipping to Mexico is affordable, it’s cheaper than transporting it yourself.

  • The board will be there when you arrive for your holiday. In the event of a delay, the costs will be compensated.

It is also possible to rent a board in Mexico, but it is more expensive. In addition, the athlete has to get used to a new board and this does not contribute to the wave conquest experience. If you opt for shipping, you will almost certainly enjoy your holiday.

Shipping a board to Mexico can be made even more cost effective. To do this, you need to send several sets of gear at once. If you are holidaying in a group, you will benefit from our services.

How equipment is sent

Shipping can be ordered from the website and via the app. The courier will pick up the board by coming to you on a pre-selected day. The company undertakes the packaging and dispatch of the shipment. Time of delivery will be clarified in advance. It is necessary to specify in advance where you need to bring the equipment. Usually, delivery is to a specific hotel, board will be available in the luggage room.

Shipment is insured, which makes delivery not only convenient and inexpensive, but also safe. Over the years, the company has not lost or delayed a single shipment. Tourists who have had time to use our service now cannot imagine travelling without it. It is much more convenient than waiting for a long time at the luggage compartment.

Contact our manager to clarify all terms and conditions of cooperation. They will tell you what the shipping costs are and how long it takes to get your surfboards and other luggage. We aim to make your holiday a real pleasure.

In order to download our application,
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    In order to download our application,
    you will need your name and phone number

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