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Shipping a surfboard to Sri Lanka

If you are going to conquer the waves of the ocean, it is best to bring your own board. When surfing, experienced surfers choose quality boards that meet many requirements. The equipment that is available in rentals is designed for beginners. The only problem is the transportation of the equipment. Today you can have your surfboard delivered to Sri Lanka from Moscow and other cities.

Why shipping is the best option?

Shipping the equipment to the island of Sri Lanka has many disadvantages. You will not be allowed to take the board in the cabin. It will be sent to the luggage compartment, where it may be damaged. The price of your ticket will increase. You may have to spend time waiting for your luggage when you arrive. You will also have to find a taxi to transport your equipment, as it will not fit inside the car. Express delivery of your surfboard to Sri Lanka completely solves all the problems:

  • You travel light and don’t have to worry about luggage at all.

  • The shipment arrives at the hotel where you are staying.

  • If you book an express courier service, the board will arrive very quickly.

  • There is no risk of the product being damaged.

          Shipments handled by SkyShift’s are insured. This means you can relax and not have to worry about the safety of your shipment.

How to order

It takes minutes to book your surfboard for delivery to Sri Lanka. Simply make a shipping order. You can choose an express courier service for a quicker delivery. After requesting a specialist will call you back to clarify all the details of the order. At a pre-selected time, the courier will come and collect the board. The company will pack the equipment before delivery.

Delivery frees up your time. You don’t need to spend it collecting your equipment — you can have everything you need to conquer the waves sent by express courier service. Express delivery also means you won’t have to stand around waiting for your luggage. The precautionary measures are taken so there is no risk of damage to your equipment.

For express board delivery to Sri Lanka please send an enquiry from our website or via our app. Your manager will calculate the cost of the service and inform you of the deadline for delivery. Enjoy your holiday with pleasure, entrusting your luggage to the professionals. SkyShift’s can deliver it anywhere in the world in the shortest possible time.

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    In order to download our application,
    you will need your name and phone number

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