Skyshift’s new service for moving suitcases, downhill skis/snowboards, bicycles, baby strollers.

Skyshift’s mobile app is convenient for tourists, skiers, and also attractive for ski resorts, hotels and all those connected with the ski industry.

I, Mikhail Panarin, have been a successful businessman for 16 years, I really love innovations and new trends that help make life easier. And I also prefer active recreation and to spend time usefully.

Like everyone else, I like to travel with family and friends, small or large and noisy company, discover new places and visit my favorite, familiar cities, countries, beach and ski resorts in Russia and abroad.

Today, it is easy to find a suitable ticket on the Internet, book, issue and pay for a ticket on the carrier’s or airline’s website. It is convenient, fast and comfortable.

I have been fond of skiing for a long time and recently purchased a convenient set of equipment.

One day I went with my family and friends to a ski resort in Sochi. And here we ran into problems: how to transport your downhill skis, the snowboard of the eldest daughter, the beloved stroller of the youngest (well, you understand that some girls are going) and two large suitcases, not to mention the necessary things on the plane. Ski equipment takes up too much space, but all this needs to be loaded into a taxi, taken to the airport and separately handed over as an oversized. Upon arrival at the resort, do the same steps to get to your favorite hotel. In addition, we are faced with the fact that Pobeda Airlines charges an additional fee for luggage. First, to drag all this heaviness, and also pay extra!? And then go through all this «fascinating» quest again on the way home???

For travelers, especially with an active lifestyle, such worries and challenges have become familiar, but this is not timely and causes great discomfort, worsening the impression of the trip.

After many hours of searching on the Internet, we realized that there is not a single service in Russia that could easily pick up suitcases, skis, snowboards directly from home and deliver them to a place of rest in a hotel. How so? Nowadays, when many applications and services have been created for our convenience, there is not one for moving luggage!?

Having once again felt all this pain for ourselves, my friend Rinat Kryukov and I, who traveled with me, decided to change the situation, wanting to simplify life for ourselves and the same active travelers

So we came up with the idea of a «friendly» serviceSkyshift’s for the gentle movement of downhill skis and snowboards and suitcases. Skyshift’s — translated from English as «movement into the sky», with a hint of luggage delivery.

We have developed our own mobile application, natively clear, stylish and easy to use. We call our like-minded clients on skiing hobbies friends and are ready to help everyone on their travels. So our friends asked us to move hiking backpacks, boxes to mountain camping and much more.

The service eliminates the need to remove the dimensions and weight of luggage, simplifies forwarding to the desired address. This responsibility falls on Skyshift’s specialists.

Users need to download the app in the Play Store / App Store, register and move their luggage in a couple of clicks, specifying the shipping/delivery address, date, type of luggage and make a payment. The operator calls back to clarify the order, the courier picks up the luggage. And our active friends travel light! Upon arrival, their luggage is already waiting for them.

Initially, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sochi were connected to the service, then their regions were also included.

Of course, few people knew about our services, we were in a hurry to inform everyone about our new product. In Sochi, our consultants-promoters worked at the ski resorts of the 2019/2020 season, who professionally talked about all the subtleties and features of the service, answering all your questions. And our bright leaflets in the form of a mobile phone were so liked by our potential friends that they were happy to take pictures with them and even took them home with them to show to friends and relatives.

Additionally, we provided a service for storing skis and snowboards, because our active friends, like us, repeatedly return to their favorite ski resorts during the season. Many people have nowhere to store ski equipment, for these purposes we have organized specially equipped rooms right at the resorts. There you can also use the services of conservation, sharpening, drying and care of ski equipment, it is very convenient, you do not have to waste your time and effort.

Thousands of grateful friends have sent us positive feedback and ideas to expand our service.

We have finished the winter season and quarantine has come. We had the idea of sending «warm» greetings to relatives and friends all over Russia and the CIS countries until the borders were closed. Our friends really liked this idea with pleasant parcels, hundreds of suitcases and boxes with goodies or forgotten things were sent to the cities of Russia. At the same time, we expanded our service, pumping the application more and more, taking into account the wishes of our friends, joining more than 55 cities for delivery. It was also decided to transport in addition to suitcases and bicycles, baby strollers, various sports equipment, as you can see, we individually approach each order.

Today we have come a long way and have already entered the b2b sector, attracting partners and friends, helping them to achieve customer loyalty and expand services and improve their service level. We are in friendly partnership with resorts: Gazprom Alpika and Gazprom Laura, Gorki Gorod, and Rosakhutor; with hotels: Mercury, Hilton, and Golden Tulip, Gorki Panorama, Marriott, Movenpik

We have already received investments for the development of the project from the Bortnik Foundation.

Now we are actively opening baggage collection /delivery points in different cities for the convenience of our friends, with the opportunity to reduce the cost of sending luggage.

Skyshift’s service will kindly accept all your oversized and oversized luggage at your home or at the pick-up/pick-up point in more than 55 cities of Russia. Then he will carefully deliver your luggage to the destination directly to the address of the hotel, house or other baggage claim point, where he will wait for your arrival.

You just have to download the mobile appSkyShifts in the Play Store/App Store or use the web version ( ) and place an order in the service.

Thanks to Skyshift’s, you will save time, money, save your health, forget about queues at the airport, having the opportunity to travel light with your friends and family.

Everything is extremely simple: a minimum of actions is required from you, which allows you to get the most out of the trip, taking with you only hand luggage, good mood and loved ones on a light trip!

The cost of the service is from 2020 rubles. (the price includes luggage packing and insurance).

So, having not found the right service for our own comfort, we have created our own that meets all our needs and are happy to share the result with our potential friends. Let a trip or a business trip bring pleasure, rest and thoughts about high things, and the employees of the Skyshift’s service will take over all the related tasks.

In order to download our application,
you will need your name and phone number

    In order to download our application,
    you will need your name and phone number

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