Looking for something to see in the Urals? In this article we will tell you about the most beautiful places in the Urals for traveling.

Talc stone is a man-made lake in the shape of a heart. Talcum shale was mined here for the manufacture of powder and toothpaste. When the mine was abandoned, it began to fill with rainwater and turned into a forest lake.

Mount Kachkanar and a Buddhist monastery. Kachkanar is one of the highest mountains in the Middle Urals, but even novice travelers can climb it. At the top you will find Gagarin Peak with a monument in the form of a rocket mounted on it. The Buddhist monastery of Shedrub-Ling was built among the stones.

Deer Streams Park and Druzhba Cave. A park in an ancient river valley where ancient people have been found. Here you can take interesting photos against the background of karst deposits and look into one of the longest and deepest caves in the Urals — Druzhba.

Taganay National Park A beautiful stone river, hills, mountains, relict forest and moss swamps — there is something to admire here.

«Sunny Valley” One of the most modern ski resorts in the Urals: 12 ski slopes of green, blue and red difficulty categories.

In the XVIII century, the owner of the factories Nikita Demidov built a manor house in Kyshtym — a large white house with columns. Now the house is closed for restoration, but you can take beautiful photos against its background, look at the old walls of the estate, walk along the man-made pond.

“Yezhovaya Mountain” A ski resort in the Sverdlovsk region for outdoor enthusiasts.

Didinsky Tunnel is a kilometer-long railway tunnel. In winter, you can walk on ice throughout the tunnel, in summer it can be damp there. They say that Admiral Kolchak’s gold disappeared after passing this place. Maybe it’s hidden somewhere nearby.

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