A new Skyshift’s service has been created for moving suitcases, downhill skis/snowboards, bicycles, and baby strollers.

Skyshift’s mobile app is convenient for tourists, skiers, and also attractive for ski resorts, hotels and all those connected with the ski industry.

Nowadays, when many mobile applications and services were created for our convenience, there was not one in Russia for moving luggage. Therefore, two entrepreneurs came up with the idea of Skyshift’s «friendly» service for the gentle movement of mountain skis and snowboards, bicycles, suitcases and baby strollers, wanting to simplify life for themselves and the same active travelers.

They have developed their own mobile application, natively clear, stylish and easy to use. This company calls its like-minded clients in skiing hobbies friends and is ready to help everyone in their situation. The service eliminates the need to remove the dimensions and weight of luggage, simplifies forwarding to the desired address. This responsibility falls on Skyshift’s specialists.

Skyshift’s service is convenient for tourists, skiers and snowboarders, as well as attractive for ski resorts, hotels and all those connected with the ski industry. We are all united by the love of mountains! And Skyshift’s service allows tourists to travel comfortably, without worrying that oversized luggage will arrive at its destination on time, at a hotel or at a special baggage collection point, as well as at any other ski resort.

Users need to download the application, register and move their luggage in a couple of clicks, specifying the shipping/delivery address, date, type of luggage and make a payment. The operator will call back to clarify the order, the courier will pick up the luggage. Active friends of the service can only get light to their destination, where their luggage is already waiting for them.

To date, Skyshift’s service has come a long way, attracting partners-friends, helping them achieve customer loyalty, expanding services and improving the level of service. Skyshift’s service connects the best beach and ski resorts in Russia and is already in partnership with Krasnaya Polyana in Sochi, with the Mercure, Hilton, Golden Tulip, Gorki Panorama, Marriott, Movenpick hotels.

As it turned out, the service helped to solve exactly those exciting problems that the partners faced, gaining individualization and uniqueness among competitors, loyalty of guests due to the safety and security of luggage and its insurance.

Skyshift’s service allows ski resort hotels to stand out with a unique offer for their guests, as well as attract new ones to their hotel who travel light with Skyshift’s service. In this case, hotels will have access to their personal hotelier’s account, where they will be able to fully control the movement and storage of their guests’ luggage.

Skyshift’s provides a lot of opportunities to sports shops, attracting customers by comfortably moving and storing their own skis/snowboards, boots and other equipment, thereby helping to increase sales.

Banks can get unique opportunities to use Skyshift’s service by increasing the commitment of current key customers and attracting new ones by providing them with additional services to the loyalty program.

Skyshift’s friendly service is open to cooperation and implementation of other partner promotions.

In order to download our application,
you will need your name and phone number

    In order to download our application,
    you will need your name and phone number

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