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Shipping bicycles

SkyShift’s is a bicycle delivery company in Russia and the CIS. Comfortable travel doesn’t involve transporting bulky luggage on your own. And cycling is becoming more and more popular every year. This mode of transport is environmentally friendly and an integral part of leading a healthy lifestyle. A bicycle saves time and energy for exploring the surroundings. It is also indispensable for tours that mainly involve outdoor recreation.
Choosing the right model is difficult. More than one factor must be taken into consideration in order not to be disappointed in the purchase. But, in addition to a comfortable ride, you can safely count on improving:

  • — well-being — normalization of sleep, digestion, increased endurance;
  • — appearance and physical shape — weight loss, improved skin condition, increased muscle tone;
  • — psychological state — increase of stress resistance, strengthening of the nervous system, improvement of thinking abilities.

    In general, riding this vehicle helps to strengthen one’s health. First of all, normalization of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Cycling develops the vestibular apparatus and improves the immune system. Using the delivery, you can save time and the family budget when traveling alone, with friends or with the whole family.

Bicycle delivery within Russia and the CIS — benefits of working with SkyShift’s
Find out the exact shipping cost for your vehicle in Russia by filling in a standard questionnaire online on the official website. The cargo is delivered at an attractive price, precisely in accordance with the declared deadline and the chosen destination. A buyer who has placed a transport order can safely count on:

  • — reliability — careful delivery of bicycles across Russia and the CIS in appropriate packaging;
  • — meeting the courier on the most favorable terms;
  • — speed — transportation is carried out in the shortest possible time;
  • — no restrictions — all Russia is serviced.
    All sorts of discounts and bonuses for shipping are provided. Anyone can read the positive reviews of clients whose trust has been fully justified in practice. Order delivery can be made via a special mobile app.

In order to download our application,
you will need your name and phone number

    In order to download our application,
    you will need your name and phone number

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