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Surfboard delivery to Morocco

Surfboard delivery to Morocco can be arranged through SkyShift’s. We will bring your board in a short time; you won’t miss it. You can go straight to the beach on your first day of arrival, the board will be waiting for you at your hotel.

Transport, buy or rent?

Morocco is located between the Indian and Atlantic Oceans and there are always good waves and a lot of surfers. There are board hire shops and specialist shops, which makes you want to skip the transport and choose a board on the spot. However, delivery is the best choice for the experienced boarder, because:

  • The board takes some getting used to. Using a new or rented surfboard is difficult to improve your skills.

  • In Morocco as well as many tourist countries with a good coastline they sell mostly beginner boards. It will be difficult to find a really good quality board even in a rental.

  • Renting is expensive. Shipping will cost considerably less.

Fans who have been surfing for several years prefer to use their own equipment. When you book shipping your surfboard to Morocco with us, you’ll travel light and you’ll forget about any luggage issues. What’s more we’ll also take care of your equipment delivery back to Russia.

Get rid of your luggage in three clicks

To order your shipment, log in to our app or send an order form from our website. You should then wait for a technician to call you back with your delivery details. On the day selected in advance a courier will come and collect the board and other items you decide to send. The shipment will be sent to the address of the hotel where the tourist has a room booked. There is no need to come and pick up the board and take it across town when you arrive in Morocco.

Many tourists wonder about the cost of such delivery. It is cheaper than transporting the board yourself. The cost of self-delivery does not only add up to a flight surcharge — you have to find a taxi that can deliver the luggage. And that’s not even counting the time involved.

Delivery by SkyShift’s takes the worry out of the equation. You can rest on your own terms. If you’re travelling as a group, send your boards as a package — in which case delivery will be cheaper. The company offers discounts for shipping. Shipments are insured and if the luggage is delayed, the sender will receive compensation. However, 100% of shipments arrive on time — we have not yet delayed a single shipment.


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    In order to download our application,
    you will need your name and phone number

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