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Shipping a surfboard to the Philippines

The Philippines has been attracting a lot of surfers as the conditions are ideal for this sport. Many experienced surfers already own a board. You can book your board for delivery to the Philippines: SkyShift’s makes it easy to get your equipment there in no time.

The benefits of owning your own board

Surfboard rentals can be found on the beaches of the Philippines. Holidaymakers are tempted to leave their surf at home and rent a board. This is the best option for beginners who are just learning to surf. But if you are an experienced pro, you’d better get your own board — you can’t find it with all the features you need in the Philippines.

Plus, the shipping costs are cheaper than renting the equipment. You will have to pay for the equipment rented during the whole period. This adds considerably to your holiday costs. Delivery of your own surfing equipment guarantees:

  • The pleasure of surfing. You don’t have to get used to a new board and you don’t have to choose from a range of average quality gear.

  • Reduced costs during your holiday.

  • A real improvement in technique. It’s hard to improve skills on someone else’s board.

  • Travel light. Your board will be delivered to your hotel.

The board will be shipped from Moscow or another Russian city to the Philippines on a pre-selected date. It is necessary to book a hotel room — the luggage will be delivered to this address.

Some boarders expect to buy a good board on arrival, but this is not a good idea either. There are a lot more good shops in Moscow where they can advise you on the choice of board. Besides, you will have to bring the surf back from the Philippines.

How to order the board delivery

It only takes a few minutes to order the board for delivery. Just send a request for service via the website or our app. SkyShift’s manager will call you back later to confirm your order and fine-tune any other details. This eliminates the possibility of errors in address and date of shipment. Inflatable equipment and personal items can also be sent with the board.

A courier will pick up the cargo for delivery to the address specified by the customer. For return delivery, the board is transported from the hotel to the flat door. The price of the service is calculated individually. If you send several sets of equipment, it is possible to get a discount. Contact us to elaborate all terms of cooperation.

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    In order to download our application,
    you will need your name and phone number

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