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Surfboards come in different lengths, narrow and wide, pointy toed or round toed, electric and inflatable, and with a fin. Each one is designed for a specific style of riding. The variety of types and sizes of equipment on the market is beyond imagination not only for beginners but even for experienced surfboarders. One way or another, transporting this equipment can be a hassle. Even the inflatable gear is too bulky and unmanageable on its own.
Surfing itself is not only a fun activity but also a useful one. Time spent in the water on an electric, rigid or inflatable board in the fresh air has a positive effect on health. After the first time one wants to practice more and more often.
Types of boards
When choosing a particular type of board for surfing, you should consider your skills and physical fitness. The most common models:

  • — Shortboard — the most popular surfboard on which you can learn to do all sorts of tricks;
  • — Longboard — A surfboard that lets you catch even the smallest of waves with ease;
  • — Funboard — a board suitable for taking your skills to the next level, to an advanced surfer.

A separate type of equipment can be identified: inflatable equipment. Such a board is usually sold complete with paddle, pump, lash, rec kit and carrying bag. Inflatable equipment with a rubberised shell saves you from constant falls.
Electric equipment is a type of board with a motor. Few water activities can compare to a motorsurf, in terms of drive and freedom of movement. Electric-powered equipment, however, like any other, is not too easy to transport on your own. To really enjoy the journey, all you need to do is arrange for the luggage to be delivered and wait for the courier to arrive at the agreed place.
Surfboard shipping — fast, convenient and secure
Electric, inflatable and classic surfboards can be delivered to any destination in Russia by SkyShift’s. We work equally well with large organisations and individual customers.
Inflatable or rigid equipment costs a lot of money. Therefore, your luggage will be insured, carefully packed and delivered to a particular address just in time. Customers of the transport company simply have nothing to worry about. In addition, you can always read detailed feedback from actual clients who were completely satisfied with their cooperation.

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