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Fast and inexpensive: luggage delivery in Russia and CIS

Travelling light — it is comfortable and pleasant, but when the resort goes to a large company, the number of bags and suitcases exceeds the limits of reasonableness. So, what to do, if you want to take the necessary things, but to carry a heavy load is not the most pleasant feeling? A better option is luggage delivery within Russia and the CIS by SkyShifts. It is fast, convenient and reliable.

Who needs a luggage service and why?

Imagine you’re heading off to a ski resort and, like a real pro, you’ve already stocked up on a whole arsenal of important items from your many years of skiing or snowboarding. Skis, suit, boots, goggles — a lot to take with you, but also about clothes, shoes and gadgets also cannot be forgotten, because vacation can stretch for two to three weeks and spare jeans and sports trousers will certainly be useful.

You have a few options — pack everything you need and carry things with you from the car to the train, then again from the car to the taxi. Or considerably limit the number of items with the intention of renting equipment. But we recommend you a third way — contact a company that will arrange quick teleportation of your luggage directly to your hotel. How to do it? Here’s how:

  • leave an order online or via the app;

  • discuss with the manager the details of your order: delivery address, number and volume of items, and the date of delivery;

  • hand over your luggage to the courier;

  • go on vacation.

Your luggage will be delivered to the collection point or hotel luggage room by appointment. While you travel light, our staff will take care of the transfer of your bags.

Our company’s activity is not limited to territory of one region — we apply similar types of transportation from different parts of Russia and CIS countries. We provide:

  • rapid transportation of commercial and private goods;

  • storage and transportation of personal belongings;

  • packing of furniture, appliances and household items;

  • transportation of pets;

  • delivery of documents.


Why are our services profitable and convenient? Because we provide full escort of your luggage from the point of departure to the destination point — we draw up the necessary transport and insurance documentation, carefully pack your belongings and bring them safe and sound. We act within the legislation of Russian Federation and adhere to a policy of complete confidentiality in the interests of the client.

In order to download our application,
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    In order to download our application,
    you will need your name and phone number

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